Presentation of LACROIX Sofrel, the leader in telemetry and SCADA in France

LACROIX Sofrel is an industry specialist in the design and construction of telemetry and SCADA products for technical installations. Our expertise enables us to provide water network or HVAC installation contract operators with products that fully meet the requirements of their industry. For more information


Expertise and resources applied to offering you the best in telemetry and SCADA

Since it was is established in 1971, LACROIX Sofrel has invested heavily in research and development to offer its customers innovative products that are easy to use and particularly robust. LACROIX Sofrel has also forged its success on the telemetry and SCADA market by supporting customers throughout their projects. To this end, the company naturally relies on its sales teams but also on the expertise of its technicians... For more information


A company of the French industrial group LACROIX SA

Active in the trades of signalling, electronics and telemetry and SCADA, the Lacroix Group's extensive expertise in all these areas makes it one of the benchmark players on each of its markets. From analysing customers' needs to design, construction and implementation, the Lacroix Group has developed and marketed a range of high-performance products and services. Its high standards and expertise have helped it forge a veritable identity for over 60 years now. Yves KROTOFF - Chairman of the Board. More information on the LACROIX Group


A dynamic company that recruits the future specialists of telemetry and SCADA

LACROIX Sofrel is seeking new staff to support its developing activities and its global expansion policy See our job offers