Drinking water network management

The drinking water conveyance network comprises numerous connections and interconnections, and production and treatment structures (drilling, catchment, pumping stations) and finally water storage and distribution infrastructures.



Telemetry and SCADA, which combines electronics, electronic data processing and telecommunications, is present at all levels of the network. This essential system has become the federating link enabling the water network contract operator to control it continuously and manage it remotely. Telemetry and SCADA thus contributes effectively to continuity of supply and to the quality of tap water.


Examples of remotely controlled structures and control points


Drill holes: 

  • Level, flow, pressure measurements
  • Monitoring pump operation
  • Controlling and automating pumping
  • Monitoring disjunctions, faults...

Treatment plants:

  • Measurement of level, flow, pressure etc.
  • Quality measurements (pH, turbidity etc.)
  • Control of pumps, valves etc.
  • Process Monitoring and Control
  • Uptime Monitoring 
  • Metering treated water volume etc.


  • Measurement of level, pressure etc.
  • Overflow alarm
  • Metering dispensed volume
  • Intrusion, access control etc.


Focus on the benefits of inter-RTU telemetry and SCADA


Inter-RTU communications link the reservoir with the pumping station that supplies it with water. Each of these facilities is equipped with Remote Terminal Units or data loggers that control the site. The devices communicate automatically with one another, mostly by radio link, GSM/GPRS or private line. The unit located at the reservoir checks the water level with float switches or an analog sensor. It establishes the connection and transmits pumping commands to the station according to water level. 

The station's Remote Terminal Unit starts and stops the pumps according to the indications received from the reservoir. Besides slave control, inter-RTU telemetry and SCADA optimizes reservoir filling and pump running time according to the cheapest electricity price bands.