Front-end processors and servers

A software interface guaranteeing open communication

The SOFREL OPC server is a standard software interface offering a broad range of communication possibilities.


OPC (OLE for Process Control) is the information exchange protocol between industrial software applications in a Windows environment. It offers open communication thanks to the inter-operability of devices from different manufacturers.


The OPC standard thus frees users from the constraints imposed by proprietary protocols.


LACROIX Sofrel is fully committed to this approach with its OPC Server software , which allows supervisors having an "OPC client" interface to communicate with all SOFREL devices.



Main functions

  • Access all data on a network of SOFREL devices
  • Transmit setpoints and operating parameters
  • Dual access support in the event of a malfunction
  • Available services in the form of lists





  • Up to 250 Remote Terminal Units and 1000 data loggers
  • 8 communication ports 
  • 1 Ethernet link


  • PC with the Windows XP or Vista operating system


  • Ethernet, GSM Data and SMS, PSTN, DL/PL, serial link


  • A list of compatibilities with validated supervisors is available on request in the technical area of this website



 Download the SOFREL OPC documentation

GPRS front-end processor

The SG1000 front-end processor enables secure GPRS communication between the different SOFREL telemetry and SCADA Remote Terminal Units through the creation of a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


It enables the distribution of different IP addresses for each contact and ensures the security of exchanges made via the internet, by means of user authentication and encryption of communications.


This innovative solution for telemetry and SCADA via GPRS enables interconnection of the devices on a LAN network (central station, etc.) with SOFREL S500 Remote Terminal Units communicating by GPRS and mobile operating PCs.


In this way, all telemetry and SCADA data is transmitted through each link created by SG1000.



Optimisation of communication costs:

It is possible to use SCADA to view near real-time information via regular polling, while also being instantly informed of any event in an installation.


Furthermore, the historical values taken at source on the Remote Terminal Units enable significant reduction of the volume of data exchanged.



Security of communications

Even in the event of failure of the SCADA or GPRS network, the Remote Terminal Units remain capable of communicating by SMS and by GSM Data.


Finally, since the SG1000 server is an industrial box (S500-type CPU) without a hard drive, it provides a very high level of reliability.





Front-end processor communication hardware

The SOFREL FR1000 remote transmission front-end processor enables centralisation of information from the SOFREL devices for their exploitation by telemetry and SCADA central stations or industrial supervisors.


Comprising a CPU and 1 or 2 racks of communication boards (COM4), the FR1000 front-end processor transfers the information from SOFREL equipment to a telemetry and SCADA PC or a supervisor, by Ethernet link.


A robust solution which is easy to configure, the FR1000 facilitates opening the telemetry and SCADA networks and district metering, towards the centralisation systems developed by operators or arising from the industrial supervision sector.

Sofrel FR1000



Main functions

  • Access all data on a network of SOFREL devices
  • Transmit setpoints and operating parameters
  • Dual access support in the event of a malfunction





  • Up to 500 Remote Terminal Units
  • Unlimited number of data loggers
  • 1 to 8 communication boards
  • 1 Ethernet link
  • Communication with 4 supervisors



  • 1 industrial CPU with Ethernet port
  • 1 or 2 racks of communication boards (com4) for RTC, GSM data and SMS, Radio and LS/LP media



  • On-line via internet browser