The Group is strengthening its position in SMART ENVIRONMENT

LACROIX Group has passed a major milestone by signing the acquisition of SAE IT-systems, German provider of connected equipment to monitor and secure electric grid and renewable energy infrastructures. With 75 employees and €15 million in revenue, SAE IT-systems will bring new skills in our portfolio. This acquisition will radically strengthen our positions in the Smart Environment !



LACROIX Group to become a world leader in remote monitoring and connected equipment in water & energy business

The increasing scarcity of water, energy, and raw materials makes it essential to optimize their use and control.
Through our Smart Environment activity we are the French leading equipment provider for water and heating infrastructure management. With SAE IT-Systems, we will now be able to address the electric grids challenges of tomorrow, such as the integration, monitoring and control of renewable sources of energy, the creation of intelligent distribution networks and control of consumptions. All these new skills bring us on the energy networks and the “smart grids” markets.

A step-by-step integration and a lot to share

At first SAE IT-Systems will be integrated as a distinct entity, keeping its own brand, management team and strategy.

Feb. 2019