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What is Telemetry and SCADA, and what are its benefits?

Telemetry and SCADA denotes all the products that implement computer, electronics and telecommunications technologies to remotely control geographically scattered or isolated technical installations. Telemetry and SCADA meet the needs of many fields of application.
Network contract operators gain numerous benefits from it: energy savings, productivity gains, less travel, discharge control, preserving natural resources…more information on telemetry and SCADA its benefits


Telemetry and SCADA for drinking water conveyance networks

Present at all levels of water distribution networks, telemetry and SCADA is the federating link between all the structures. It supervises technical installations such as drill holes, reservoirs, treatment plants, boosters etc. Telemetry and SCADA encompasses functionalities ranging from remote control, supervision and process control of facilities to overall network analysis.  more information on telemetry and SCADA for water networks


Solutions for controlling waste water and rainwater networks

Telemetry and SCADA offers a set of solutions for the supervision, process control and remote management of waste water network structures.  The instrumentation of the networks, remote monitoring and centralization of recorded data monitors volumes flowing through the pipes and discharges into the environment. All the information gathered through telemetry and SCADA meets the needs of network self-monitoring…More information on the remote monitoring of waste water networks


Water network district metering and leak detection solutions

Reducing the volume of unbilled water, identifying leaks as quickly as possible and improving the output of the water network are constant challenges for contract operators. District metering is all the more efficient if the network is remotely controlled and monitored.  Recorded data and calculations are regularly transmitted to the central systems for analysis and leak detection on the network… More information on telemetry and SCADA and district metering