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Rainwater management, a major challenge for contract operators relative to flood prevention and environmental protection, requires constant monitoring of waste water collection networks. With soil artificialisation, natural rainwater infiltration is decreasing. In urban environments, run-off water volumes increase significantly during heavy rain. Waste water networks are not designed to accept such quantities of water. Though they are not required to collect and treat rainwater, contract operators are responsible for observing self-monitoring requirements and for conducting permanent waste water network diagnostics to monitor and control the volumes of water released into the natural environment.


Data Loggers compatible with all network instruments

The SOFREL LT and LT-US Data Loggers are compatible with most measuring instruments used on water networks. They measure effluent height/velocity. The conversion tables used in LT devices provide a precise estimate of water flow rates and volumes in pipes.


Meeting statutory self-monitoring requirements

During rainy episodes, close attention is paid to combined sewer overflows. The LT devices monitor Combine Sewer Overflows (CSO) to determine numbers and durations of overflows (overrun of a height threshold, or moisture detection via an overflow sensor). As soon as an overflow is detected, a measurement acquisition acceleration process is automatically implemented. The Data Loggers perform flow rate calculations and generate daily reports of water volumes released into the natural environment. An alert in the event of threshold overrun can be sent to the agent on standby duty and to the control PC. All self-monitoring data are sent daily in order to populate the self-monitoring registers.

The Data Loggers are thus able to:

  • Detect overflows in combined sewer overflows
  • Perform daily calculations of the number of overflows and their durations
  • Monitor flow rates and released volumes
  • Collect effluent samples to estimate the polluting load

Permanent network diagnostics

Data Loggers enable the implementation of genuine permanent diagnostics aimed at:

  • Ensuring correct network design
  • Anticipating load changes
  • Measuring contributions by neighbouring towns
  • Better understanding issues associated with industrial releases into the network
  • Detecting secondary water inflows (ECP)


SOFREL LT-42 Data logger

• Overflow detection
• Height measurement via an external probe
• Velocity measurement
• Effluent flow rate and volume calculations
• Autonomous sampler control

4 DIs and 2 AIs



SOFREL LT-US and LT-US ATEX Data Loggers*

• Overflow detection
• Height measurement via an external probe
• Velocity measurement
• Effluent flow rate and volume calculations
• Autonomous sampler control

4 DIs and 2 AIs + 1 US probe

* ATEX version for deployment to potentially explosive environments.