AS RTUs range

  • AS range
  • Remote monitoring functions
  • Integrated process control functions

SOFREL AS RTUs: remote monitoring and process control of water networks

SOFREL AS RTUs perfectly illustrate the integration between remote monitoring and process control of water networks. They benefit from the 40 years of technological expertise acquired by LACROIX Sofrel in the fields of electronics, industrial IT and telecommunications, backed up by the company’s specialisation in the market for remote monitoring of water networks.

In addition to the integrated secure communication and smart data archiving features, SOFREL AS has an ST and LADDER process control workshop. This offers great program creation flexibility in order to provide solutions that perfectly meet the expectations of integrators and operators.


Strengths of the SOFREL AS range


RTUs 100% designed for water network management:

  • Monitoring of network installations and 24/7 alarm management
  • Optimised operation of facilities (ideal for energy savings and preventive maintenance)
  • Remote control and inter-RTU communication
  • Automated functions from simple commands to process control
  • Extended remote control and monitoring functions (archiving, automatic balances, etc.)


Integrated Human Machine Interfaces:

  • Integrated interactive graphical display
  • Web server for processing data and adjusting settings
  • SMS server for sending alarms, viewing data and sending commands

Integrated Communication Interfaces:

  • Modem boards entirely developed by LACROIX Sofrel ensuring:

    - safe and reliable communications
    - consistent solutions
    - easy set-up

  • Numerous communication protocols and media

Native remote monitoring functions and integrated process control


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Data processing and archiving:

  • • 1000 data points processed per facility (faults, current status, measurements, commands, etc.)
    • Time out/disabling of an input/alarm when an event appears or disappears, etc.
    • Smart archiving of data, alarms, communications, calculations, operating balances, etc.


  • • Numerous protocols supported (MODBUS, SOFBUS-PL, LACBUS-RTU, IEC 60870-5-104, DNP3, etc.)
    • Real-time communication with devices at the facility (smart sensors, PLCs, flowmeters, etc.)
    • Inter-RTU communication for slave control of remote installations (AS, S500, HF-BOX)
    • Sending of current statuses, historic values, calculations, etc. to SCADA central stations or supervisors

Alarm reporting

• 24/7 facility monitoring
• Automatic call cycle on appearance of alarm
• Reception and acknowledgement of alarms by simple mobile phone

Operating safety

• Secure password access
• Self-checking of internal data with automatic calls in case of fault
• Integrated battery charger (secure power supply in case of power failure)
• CPU controlled modem boards (extended diagnostics, reset, etc.)
• “Watchdog” output to switch operation of the installation to degraded or out of service mode in case of fault
• Data back up to flash memory if power fails

All operators share the desire to save time and improve efficiency. AS process control programs use standard languages (ST and LADDER) via SOFTOOLS AS, the user interface. A wide range of industry-specific function blocks, designed by our engineers, can be provided for direct integration with programs, offering invaluable assistance.


Programming workshop

  • • Dedicated function block library for water applications
  • • ST and LADDER programming languages
  • • Monitoring of program execution using Trace mode
  • • Online debugging


"Water" library


Function blocks to save time and improve efficiency

  • • Lifting station pumping procedure
    • Threshold management
    • Instrumentation
    • PID Regulation of valves
    • Cycle management
    • Calculation of operating balances and archiving
    • Communication protocol management
    • Access control, etc.