Telemetry and SCADA solutions for waste water networks

SOFREL telemetry and SCADA products offer a set of solutions for monitoring, process control and remote management of waste water and rainwater network structures.



Telemetry and SCADA offers permanent monitoring of all levels of the waste water network and will warn you of any malfunctions that could have regrettable repercussions on the natural environment or even on the health of the population.
Combining special sensors to control waste water, remote telemetry and SCADA and process control terminal units and data centralization software, LACROIX SOFREL offers a range of solutions meeting requirements for self-monitoring and more particularly controlling volumes and flows passing through networks or discharged in the natural environment.

Examples of remotely controlled structures and control points



  • Speed and level measurements
  • Flow calculation

Sewer overflows:

  • Detection of overflows
  • Counting the number and duration of overflows

Lift Stations:

  • Effluent level measurement
  • Monitoring pump operation
  • Controlling and automating pumping
  • Monitoring operating time
  • Flow measurements (incoming, pumps etc)
  • Monitoring disjunctions, faults etc

Waste water plants:

  • Inflow and outflow measurement
  • Monitoring the treatment process
  • Monitoring the operation of pumps, valves, vents, screen rakes etc
  • Monitoring operating time
  • Measuring parameters, energy, etc.
  • Monitoring disjunctions, faults, etc.