By Catherine FAILLIET, Managing Director LACROIX Sofrel.

In 2017, a billion people do not have access to drinking water, and unsafe water is the leading cause of mortality on earth, ahead of malnutrition.

Water best illustrates the 3 pillars of sustainable development, namely fighting poverty, economic development and environmental protection.

With the world population expected to increase from 7 to 9 billion people by 2050, the challenge is to promote access to safe drinking water and sanitation in a context of growing urbanisation and climate change.

Water will be a global issue for the next few decades, but as a local resource that is difficult to transport, it must be addressed locally right now.

Lacroix Sofrel has more than 40 years of experience serving water and energy utility companies. Our expertise in electronics, automation and telecommunications has helped us develop products facilitating remote grid management. Our knowledge of our customers’ business, and our determination to offer robust products that are easy to use and have helped us build strong and enduring relationships with our customers.

How does technology help the environment?

Since 1971, our products have been providing data that improve continuity of service and operator performance. For example, when a device identifies a pump failure, it alerts the technician, who can quickly go and repair it, thus avoiding the negative impact of an overflow or an interruption of service.


In 2017, industrial devices are increasingly capable of measuring, qualifying, sending, storing, processing, comparing and analysing large volumes of data. The increasing number of sensors and new IoT communication protocols are transforming the utility business. Data analytics are used to determine network status, identify leaks and malfunctions, as well as to develop forecasts and predictive maintenance.

It is important to be capable of securely sending accurate data that can be easily analysed by utility companies. The challenge is no longer just to send the data, but to make sure that the huge volume of data can be used effectively, given the difficulty integrating with existing industrial control systems.


Lacroix Sofrel is strongly committed to working with our customers to save water, energy, human resources and treatment products.

This is it : Connected technologies for a smart environment.


Catherine FAILLIET

Directeur Général


Dec 2017