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LACROIX SOFREL: manufacturer of telemetry equipment

LACROIX SOFREL: manufacturer of telemetry equipment

LACROIX Sofrel opens the doors of its engineering office and its factory in a video about the design and manufacture of SOFREL telemetry equipment.

In just 3 minutes, discover the secrets of manufacturing our "made in France" + "made in LACROIX Sofrel" products.

Having 100% control of the manufacturing process provides you with a guarantee of quality manufacturing and reliable and durable telemetry solutions.


The experience of a major player in telemetry and SCADA

Lacroix Sofrel

LACROIX Sofrel designs, manufactures and markets products for the telemetry and SCADA and remote monitoring of technical installations. Partnering the biggest contract operators in water and local authorities since its creation in 1971, LACROIX Sofrel is now hailed as the French market leader in telemetry and SCADA.
A subsidiary of the LACROIX industrial group (3,900 staff, turnover of €430m) with extensive research and development resources, LACROIX Sofrel is an innovative manufacturer who offers high-performance products...