At the heart of the Smart Environment

Water and energy are essential for economic and human development and are central to sustainable development strategies. In this age of digital revolution and connected objects, LACROIX Sofrel’s choice to use a smart environment reflects its commitment to harness the finest technologies which benefit both people and the environment.

water management

Water management solutions

Drilling, drinking water treatment plants, reservoirs, metering observation holes, waste water lift stations, purification plants, combined sewer overflows… for every kind of water cycle structure there is a SOFREL solution to monitor and optimise its operation.
From alarm transmission to data recording and process automation, SOFREL products provide a solution to your every need in terms of water network operation.
Designed to meet the constraints of facilities in difficult environments, SOFREL solutions combine innovation, performance, robustness and ease of use.


SOFREL Telemetry product range

Our products and services for your telemetry projects

From sending alerts to data centralisation, LACROIX Sofrel offers telemetry solutions which combine performance with ease of use allowing them to be easily adapted to any application. In addition to its products, LACROIX Sofrel offers a wide range of services including support for project studies, training, commissioning, a hotline, after sales service, etc.


The Live LACROIX Sofrel

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